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Custom and Refurbished Computers

What should you expect from a company like Homeland Computer Systems, Inc.?
- Nothing but the best product + support combination available in the industry!

At Homeland Computer Systems, Inc., we specialize in planning, designing, building, and supporting computer systems that are custom tailored to the needs and demands of each individual, whether it be for work, school or home use. We provide the right solution in every situation, big and small.

We take pride in our work and are able to offer the best product + customer service combination available throughout the industry. We put more time and effort in end-user support than any major PC manufacturer could ever offer – GUARANTEED! We understand how important such support is and are able to incorporate the most personalized and thorough solutions imaginable. We provide personalized support by allowing you help from the technician that actually hand-built your system, (if it was purchased from us) as opposed to someone in another state, country or universe. We are able to deliver the right service to resolve any IT issue through our on-site, in-house and remote services along with one-on-one telephone support and a continuously growing library of how-to guides and articles that we publish online.

If you purchase your next computer from Homeland Computer Systems, we guarantee it will be backed by the best customer service and support you could ever get from any computer company, anywhere in the world!

Give us a chance! Call, email or stop by our retail location with all of your IT-related problems. We KNOW we have the right solution for you!




** Customized Systems **
-- We provide a complete solution for your computing needs --

Whenever we get a request for a new computer, we will always ask questions like: "What is the system going to be primairly used for?" and "Will you want plenty of upgrade potential a few years down the road?". Open-ended questions like these are essential when determining what hardware/software combinations to use when designing a customized computer system and developing a plan to integrate that new system into your current setup.

In addition to presenting you with a custom system, we determine everything that has to be done to get that system integrated into your current setup such as: transfering documents/data from your old computer to the new one, setup and installing any printers or other devices you will be using on-site, installing and setting up any special software and configuring any special network configuration settings.




** Refurbished Systems **
-- Call for Availability! First Come, First Serve! --

We continuously stock refurbished systems that are available for sale at our retail location and online, in various online stores. These systems are desktops and laptops that range in price, from numerous manufacturers. There is no guarantee on which hardware is available at any given time. These deals are first come, first serve and change as systems are purchased and hardware becomes available to the building process. All refurbished systems undergo detailed hardware diagnostic to ensure everything is in working condition and come with a 90-day warranty against failure and defects. All systems have a clean and legal installation of Microsoft Windows, come pre-installed with all available Windows Updates and hardware drivers in addition to complete and recent security software for full protection and maintenance.

All refurbished systems we sell undergo hardware stability tests and are up-to-date on all software availability after purchased and before leaving the shop. This ensures that once the system is setup in its new location, you are fully operational and don’t have to worry about security holes or outdated software.



* Please contact us to find out what we currently have in stock.



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